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The backup option in cpanel allows you to do a complete backup of any/all information you have on the server you are hosted on.

This includes your /home directory and any subdirectories, your MYSQL database, all mail information and all Aliases or Filters that you may have configured.

To do a complete backup, just click on the Generate/Download a Full Backup link at the top of this page.

 NOTE: You cannot restore these backups, they can only be restored by your administrator. 

Otherwise, you can just use one of the partial backup options such as:

  • Download a home directory Backup - This option will download your entire home directory and all subdirectory's
  • Download a MySQL Database Backup - To download a database backup, you must chose which database you wish to download.
  • Download Aliases or Filters Backup - Again, you must chose which alias or filter you wish to download with this option, you cannot download all aliases or filters only unless you do a full backup.

If you have downloaded a partial backup, you can restore it yourself using one of the following options:

  • Restore a Home Directory Backup
  • Restore a MySQL Database
  • Restore an Alias/Filter

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