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Child name servers are a way for resellers to try to hide who their account is hosted with.

How to set up child nameservers

Affects hosting resellers only

Step 1) Create child nameservers for your domain name(s). You should be able to do this in you domain name management system provided by your registrar. If you can't do this get your registrar to do it for you. point it to (i.e. IP Address of point it to (i.e. IP Address of

Step 2) Create two A Records for You can do this in your reseller hosting account.

- Go to WHM

- Go to DNS Functions --> Edit DNS Zone

- Select from the list and press edit

- Add 2 A Records, 14400, (IN), A, (i.e. IP Address of, 14400, (IN), A, (i.e. IP Address of

- Press save

Then it's just a matter of waiting 24-48 hours for the DNS servers to update with your details and you can start using your new nameservers.

Tell your client to enter in and as their nameservers for their domain name's.

Note: You can use any name for you nameservers, just replace ns1 and ns2 for what ever name you wish to use (e.g. instead of

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