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Important: Before creating an article, make sure there's no existing article covering the subject already, or which you can add to. The Search function can come in handy for this.

Tip: It is better to have one large article on a subject than multiple small articles!

If applicable, ensure you also follow the relevant guide for the type of article you are creating.

Step 1: Ensure the Article is Required

Before you create a new article, use the MediaCloud Wiki search function to ensure there is no existing article that covers the subject.

If an article already exists, it is recommended that you simply add any new information to the article rather than creating another article.

  • Look in the relevant categories.
  • Use the Search function. More information on Wiki searching can be found here.

Step 2: Create the Article Title

Your article title should be as short and clear as possible, and should contain capitalisation. Having a simple, generic article title allows you broaden the content that the article contains. Examples:

Not Recommended

  • How to stop Windows XP from disconnecting dialup when you switch users
  • What do I do when a customer wants to update payment details over the phone?
  • Troubleshooting steps for our Corporate customers


  • Preventing Dialup Disconnection when Switching Users
  • Updating Payment Details over the Phone
  • Corporate Customer Troubleshooting

  • To create an article, enter the following URL into your web browser's address bar (subsitute "Article_Name" with your actual desired article name):

  • Alternatively, search for the desired article name using the WestnetWiki search function. If the article does not exist, the following message will be displayed:
There is no page titled ":articlename". You can create this page.

Click on the create this page link to create the page with the desired article name.

Step 3: Add Templates

You can add a template to alert other WestnetWiki users to particular scenarios. Article templates can be found here.

Examples of templates:

Template Meaning
{{construction}} Used when most of the article is unfinished and still being compiled.
{{moderation}} Used when an article has been created or edited by a normal user and requires approval from WestnetWiki administrators.
{{stub}} Used when an article is lacking in content and information, and requires others to assist in creation.
{{quality}} Used to identify articles that are high in quality, meaning they are well written, comprehensive and up-to-date etc.

The most common templates a WestnetWiki editor will use are:

{{construction}} Template:Construction

{{moderation}} Template:Moderation

  • When creating a new article, you should use the {{construction}} template.
  • When you have finished creating your article, replace the {{construction}} template with the {{moderation}} template.
  • Never use both of the above templates in the one article at the same time as it causes additional work for WestnetWiki administrators.

Step 4: Add the Content

Add your article text. You should use Wiki Markup code to format the text, create tables and embed images.

Below are some useful sites:

You only need to know the basics to create an article. The use of sections, sub-sections and bullet points (lists) are generally sufficient.

You may like to test Wiki Markup Code in the Sandbox before using it in your article.

Step 5: Add Categories

Adding (relevant) categories to your article allows your article to show up in multiple locations through the WestnetWiki other than the search page.

Some basic rules for choosing a category:

  • Always make sure you add at least one category.
  • Multiple categories are OK.
  • Add the article to all applicable categories. For example, if an article is relevant to both Sales and Accounts staff, ensure the article is added to both of those categories.
  • Do not create a new category unless you can foresee it will contain multiple articles in the future.

To add a category, simply type this at the top or bottom of your article: [[Category: <Category Name>]]

For example, if I wanted this article to appear in the Accounts category, I would add [[Category: Accounts]] to the article.

Remember, you can add multiple categories if you wish - but make sure they are all relevant. To view the current categories that exist in the WestnetWiki, click here.

Step 6: Submit the Article

Remember - Before submitting your article, ensure you have added the relevant templates.

Please note: It is mandatory to add either the {{construction}} or {{moderation}} template to all new articles created. This allows the WestnetWiki Administrators to review and approve the article.

  • While creating an article, click the Show Preview button as much as required to preview your progress.
  • When you have finished creating your article, enter a brief description of what you have done in the Summary field (does not have to be too long or detailed e.g. New article) and click the Save page button.

These buttons are found at the bottom of the Edit window.