Creating Recurring Campaigns

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You can create Recurring Campaigns using the software. These recurring campaigns allow you to send campaigns that send when a source is updated, such as an RSS feed or webpage content. They will send at the interval of your choosing, or simply when it finds new content at the source.

Campaign Types (Regular or RSS)

To create a recurring campaign, start out by going to the Campaigns page and clicking the “Create New Campaign” button. On the “Type” page, choose a “Regular Campaign” or an “RSS Campaign”. Click the “Next” button when done.


Regular campaign

If you choose a regular campaign, you’ll need to use the “Fetch From URL (Fetch at time of sending)” option or “Insert RSS” option.

Fetch From URL (Fetch at time of sending)

On the Message Editor, click the Fetch From URL Link. Type in the page URL on the URL Field and choose the “Fetch at time of sending” option. Click the “Save” button when done. Proceed to the Summary page when complete.


Insert RSS

Instead of Fetching From URL, you can also use the “Insert RSS” option. Click on the “Insert RSS” link. Type in the RSS URL on the Feed URL Field. If you would like to preview the code, click on the “Preview” button. When done, click on the “Insert” button to insert the RSS code on your message. Proceed to the Summary page when complete.


RSS campaign

If you choose the RSS Campaign Type, you can just type in the RSS Feed URL on the “Your RSS feed URL” Field on the right of the Message window. Click the “Get Code” button to generate the RSS code.


Generate. Then, insert the RSS code into the body of the message.


Summary Page

On the Summary Page, you can then click “Enable” link to set an interval for when the campaign will recur. Then choose the interval. You can then click the “Send Now” button and confirm the send to schedule the Recurring Campaign.