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This page contains all information pertaining to DotNetNuke Community Edition 5.5.1.

Installing DotNetNuke 5.5.1

WebsitePanel Installation

  • Login to WebsitePanel, click Application Installer.
  • Select DotNetNuke Community Edition 5.5.1 Installer.

Note: The bold selections below indicate which sections need to be configured.

  • Installation Location
    • Choose website from the dropdown box.
    • Leave Virtual Directory blank.
  • Database
    • Select SQL Server 2008
    • Type desired Database Name. (ie. Username_DB)
    • Select New user account, assign Username/Password.

Note: Ensure to keep record of this data.

  • Click Install to start the process.
  • After install, click OK to complete.

DNN Configuration

  • Navigate to your new website via your browser.
  • This will now load the DNN Installation Wizard.
  • Select Typical Installation, click Next.
  • File Permissions are pre-configured, click Next.

Note: The bold selections below indicate which sections need to be configured.

  • Configure Database Connection
    • Server:
    • Please enter the database User ID/Password.(Configured previously via WebsitePanel)
    • Click Next, this will run the Database Installation Scripts.
    • Click Next once the installation has completed.
  • Configure Host Account
    • Please enter First/Last Name of Host.
    • User is to remain HOST, DO NOT edit this field.
    • Select a password for host account. (Please Record)
    • Enter host email address.
    • Set server to internal mail,
    • Leave Authentication Anonymous and DO NOT enable SSL.
    • Click Next to continue.
  • Portal Title
    • Please enter First/Last Name of Admin.
    • Username is to remain admin, DO NOT edit this field.
    • Select a password for admin account. (Please Record)
    • Enter admin email address.
    • Type desired Portal Title and template.
    • Click Next to complete.
  • Start building your new site!

DNN Errors & Resolutions

"This site is currently Unavailable"

ISSUE: When you attempt to access your site, you receive a "This site is currently Unavailable" error, or a database error. Typing in the website address again may reveal additional information.

CAUSE This is typically because the database user for DNN is not correctly configured.


  • Log into your Control Panel.
  • Click on the domain you need to configure.
  • Click on Databases.
  • Click on the database for your DNN installation.
  • Check and remove any existing users.
  • Click on Add Database User and enter a username and password for your new database user.
  • Open your web.config file and locate the connectionStrings section. Find a line that looks like the following:

<add name="SiteSqlServer" connectionString="Server=(local);Database=powerdnn;uid=powerdnn;pwd=powerdnn;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

  • Also find the line a few lines down that looks like this:

<add key="SiteSqlServer" value="Server=(local);Database=powerdnn;uid=powerdnn;pwd=powerdnn;" />

  • Change the values after Database=, uid=, and pwd= to equal the database name, username, and password you configured earlier.

Note that deleting and recreating an existing user can often fix this problem.

Additional Information

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