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WestnetWiki relies on your input. If you have information that can enhance or improve an article, do not hesitate to share your knowledge with other staff by adding to an article!

Edit the Article

To edit an article, simply click on the Edit link at the top of the article:

You may then edit the article using Basic Wiki Markup Code. You may also find this article helpful. If you'd like to test your editing skills before just jumping in and changing something (which is also fine!), you can freely edit the Sandbox to your heart's content.

The Edit Page

File:Discussion Pages Example3.jpeg
Editing view - click to enlarge
  • The Edit page contains three main sections:
    • Editing Toolbar (highlighted)
    • Editing Window
    • Conclusion Section (highlighted)Template:-

Editing Toolbar

This toolbar contains the following button options:

  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Make an internal link
  • Make an external link
  • Make a headline
  • Embed image
  • Make a media file link
  • Mathematical formula
  • Ignore Wiki formatting
  • Add your signature
  • Add a horizontal line

The image above contains examples of how to use some of these options, such as headlines/topics, bullet points, bold/italics, and signatures.

Editing Window

This section is where you create your edit. Refer to the Editing view screenshot above for examples of Wiki formatting, and then view the Preview or Saved Edit view screenshots below to see how the Wiki formatting appears in the saved version.

Conclusion Section

File:Discussion Pages Example4.jpeg
Preview view - click to enlarge
File:Discussion Pages Example5.jpeg
Saved Edit view - click to enlarge

This section contains the following options:

  • Summary - When adding a comment or editing a page, you should enter a brief description of why you made the edit.
  • This is a minor edit checkbox - Tick this box when making a small or brief edit.
  • Watch this page checkbox - Tick this box when you wish for the page to be added to your Watchlist.
  • Save page button - Click this to save your edit. Note: When saving an edit for the first time each day, you will be presented with an error message however simply click the Save page button again and your edit will be saved.
  • Show preview button - Click this to preview your edit.
  • Show changes button - Click this to view the current version of the page and the version you are about to save.Template:-

Template Use

WestnetWiki has a wide-ranging variety of templates which may be applied to your articles for various reasons - some must be used during the course of editing your article (such as the Template:Tl) template and also when you have completed your article (such as Template:Tl).

Other templates may simply be used to convey important information regarding your article or even request changes to your article (for example, deletion of an article by a moderator).

To view a list of all templates currently in active use on WestnetWiki as well as how to use them effectively, please see the Article Templates page. Please note: some templates may only be used by WestnetWiki Administrators.


Please bear in mind the following guidelines when editing to help keep the wiki manageable and of a high quality.

Add the Moderation Template

Important!: You MUST add the moderation template to any article that you edit or update. To do this, add this code to the very top of the article:


This template will alert readers that the article is pending moderation and will also add the article to the Pending Moderation list. Please note that changes made without the addition of the moderation template can still be seen and continually neglecting to use the tag may result in access being revoked.

More information on Templates can be found here.

Article Deletion

Articles can only be deleted by WestnetWiki Administrators. If you wish to delete an article from WestnetWiki, please use the Template:Tl template. This will alert WestnetWiki Administrators so they can process the article deletion request accordingly. It is highly recommended a reason for deletion is specified.

<section begin=reasonsdeletion />

Common Reasons for Deletion

  • Article no longer relevant or is outdated - please consider updating the article content before requesting deletion if possible
  • Article contains duplicate information
  • Article is very much incomplete or contains no content - and generally has remained as so for a long period of time
  • Article contains content which breaches WestnetWiki's AUP

Please note: If you are not the author of the article, please ensure you have first obtained the author's permission before using this template (where possible/relevant).

If you have any queries on article deletion, please contact knowledgebase@westnet.com.au <section end=reasonsdeletion />