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An email client is a computer program used to send, receive and manage email. The most well known email client is probably Outlook Express, since it was included with every copy of Windows from Win 95 to Win XP.

There are many different email clients available. Their core operation is the same, using various standards (POP, IMAP, SMTP and MIME) for sending and receiving email. However many email clients include additional features and capabilities. Here are some of the most popular email clients, showing which operating systems they can be run on.

Email client Windows Mac OS X Linux BSD Unix
Eudora Yes Yes No No No
Lotus Notes Yes Yes Yes No No
KMail No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail No Yes No No No
Mozilla Thunderbird Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Outlook Yes No No No No
Microsoft Entourage No Yes No No No
Mutt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opera Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlook Express Yes No No No No
Pegasus Yes No No No No
Pine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The alternative to installing and using an email client is Webmail, which allows you to send and receive messages in your web browser.

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