How do I attach a file?

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Attaching any type of documents to your emails is not really advisable. For one, it bulks up your email. Two, it’s possible that your message could get blocked by some mail servers. However, if it is vital for you to attach a file, we have made it easy for you to do so.

First we will talk about the types of files you can attach. There are only three types that you can attach: DOC, PDF, or JPG files. In addition, there is a limit of 1 attachment per campaign. Also, you can only attach a file that is no bigger than 1MB.

Now, to attach a file, you must be on the Message Editor. Here, locate the paperclip icon. You’ll find this on the right side of the subject field. Click on this Icon.


After clicking on this icon you will see a modal/pop-up that would allow you to choose the file you want to attach. Click on the “Choose File” Button.


Once you have chosen your file, you can click the “Close” button.


Congratulations! You have successfully attached your file.

Other ways to attach files

You can also attach files using third-party services (such as Digioh), where instead of a physical file being added to the email, you place a link to the file where the subscriber can go and download it. This reduces any possible issues with your message being delivered, or being too large.