How to Add Social Sharing to your Campaigns

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How to Add Social Sharing to your Campaigns

A good Email Marketing campaign incorporates many elements to gain maximum exposure. One of these elements is Social Sharing. It is important, and sometimes vital, in having a successful Email Marketing campaign. One share of your campaign could ignite a spark that could make your campaign go viral.

ActiveCampaign understands this. We have made it possible and easy for you to incorporate Social Sharing in your campaigns using our Email Marketing Software.

Where to Find Social Sharing Tags

You can add Social Sharing buttons on your Email Campaigns by using Personalization Tags. Personalization Tags allow you to customize your Email Messages to have a more targeted approach. You will find the Social Sharing Tags by clicking on the “Personalize Message” link located on the Message Editor at the bottom right of the subject field.


A pop up will show up with different Tab options. Click on the “Social Media” Tab. The image below shows the different Social Sharing options that you have on your software. This includes Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can also include all the Social Sharing links at once by clicking on the “Social Submit Links” link.


Where to Place Social Sharing Tags

You can place Social Sharing buttons anywhere on your Email Message. The most common place to place them is towards the top of, or, the bottom of your message. You can add only the Social Sharing buttons that you like as you can see on the top of the image. Or, you can add all of the Social Sharing buttons with one Personalization Tag (%SOCIALSHARE%), as seen at the bottom of the image below.


The image below shows you how the Email would look like after you add the Social Sharing Personalization Tags.