How to create/add your own custom email template

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Our Email Marketing service includes a number of email templates built-in to the system. You will see these templates whenever you create a new campaign.


If you wish to view all templates, edit an existing template, or add your own template, you can do so by first clicking the Campaigns tab, then clicking “Email Templates” on the right.


From the Email Templates page, you can click on a template to edit it, or you can click Add on the bottom of the page to add your own email template.

Adding Your Own Email Template

To add a brand new email template, go to the Campaigns -> Email Templates page, and click Add on the bottom (note: do not click Import).

When adding a template, you will first need to type a Template Name. This is just an internal name that you can use to easily identify your template. This name will not be seen by any of your subscribers.

You can choose to create your template using our built-in Visual Editor if you’d like — or, if you already have an HTML template that you’d like to use (perhaps one that you have designed yourself, or one that you have obtained online), you can easily click the Code Editor tab and paste in your own HTML code as shown below.


After pasting in HTML code, you can switch back to the Visual Editor tab to see a quick preview of your message, and make any minor changes you may need to make.

***NOTE: When editing a template using the Visual Editor, some colors, font sizes, or other styles may not appear correctly. This is because the Visual Editor has its own CSS style sheet that it employs during the editing process, which may override some of the styles in your own HTML code. However, these changes are temporary, and only appear during the editing process. Previewing the message using the “Email Preview” option, or sending a test message to yourself will show you how the message will actually appear when it is sent.

If you have pasted in your own custom HTML code, but your images are not showing up when you view the message in the Visual Editor, please read the next section.

I’ve pasted my HTML code, but how do I upload my template’s images?

This is a common problem that occurs when the images in your template have not yet been uploaded to a server online, or the links to the images in your HTML code are “local” image links that cannot be found. It is an easy problem to fix.

After you paste your HTML code in to the Code Editor, click the Visual Editor tab again (if you have not already done so), so that you can see what your template looks like. You will likely see red Xs, or broke image icons where each of your images are supposed to appear. Simply right-click one of your broken images, and choose the option that says Insert/Edit Image.


Once you click this menu option, it will open up a new window. You will see an option that will allow you to browse your computer, find the image you need, upload it, and insert it in to the spot that you right-clicked. Do this for each of your missing images to restore them.

(Our image manager also allows you to upload multiple images at once. If you are familiar with HTML, you can upload all of your images at the same time, then use a text editing program to perform a “search and replace” on your HTML code and replace all of the image URLs in one step, to save time.)