Inserting an Image Into an Email

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You can easily insert images into any new message you send out through your campaign by clicking on the image icon shown below.


The image icon is circled above. When you click on that a pop up window will appear. The image you use is grabbed from a folder that is on a web server or one that you upload to your own image folder. Either enter in a URL for the web location of the image or click on the browse icon circled below.


If you click on the browse icon, another window will pop up. In that window, click “Upload Image.”


You will need to use that window to browse to the image that you wish to upload to your server. Then, click “Upload to server.”


Now that we have selected the image we wish to choose in the mailing it is time to upload that image onto the web server. Click the Upload to Server button to upload the image to your image library.


The image you have uploaded will now be available for you to select. Select the image and you will be able to preview the image you are about to use before using it in your email. It is suggested that you provide an image description. Without it the image may not be accessible to some users with disabilities, or to those using a text browser, or browsing the Web with images turned off. You don’t need to add a description however. If you don’t then simply ignore the warning that comes on the screen. When you are ready to add the image then click Insert


Your image has now been inserted into your mailing.