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For a list of editable error pages through cPanel, see: Error pages (cPanel)

For every request received by a web server, it returns an HTTP status code to indicate the success or otherwise of the request. The normal response for a successful request is 200. Other codes are returned, depending on the nature of the problem. You can customise the error pages that appear when an error occurs, either from within cPanel or by modifying the .htaccess file.

2xx Success

  • 206 Partial Content

3xx Redirection

  • 301 Moved Permanently
  • 307 Temporary redirect

4xx Web Client Error

  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Authorization Required
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found
A HTTP standard response code indicating that the client (the browser or web client) was able to communicate with the server, but the server either could not find the file that was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and not reveal the reason why.
  • 406 Not Acceptable
Client browser does not accept the MIME type of the requested page. Shown for addresses that are reserved or restricted such as "wget"

5xx Server Error

  • 500 Internal Server Error

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