MySQL database wizard (cPanel)

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MysqlWizard.gif MySQL Database Wizard is a cPanel option that makes it easier to create a MySQL database and database user than using the MySQL databases option.

The wizard helps you through these steps:

  1. The first page gives a general description of databases and asks for a database name. Enter a name and press the 'Next Step' button
    • Give your database a name that is unique to your account, but chose something that relates to what you want to store in your database so it makes it easier to maintain.

  2. The second page sets up the username & password that are required to connect to the database. Enter the details required and press the 'Next Step' button
    Mysqlwizard step2.png
    • Choosing a strong password is important to prevent your MySQL database being compromised. The 'Password Strength' indicator will show you how strong your password is.

  3. The third step sets permissions for the user in the database. It is recommended that the database only be given permissions that it needs such as INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT if your website will never delete from the database or create new tables directly.
    Mysqlwizard step3.png
    • It is possible to add multiple users to a database to perform multiple actions. For Example: Adding 2 users, one of which can insert and update and one which can only select increases security as the Insert and Update permissions will only be available on pages where this action takes place so therefore hampers the efforts of hackers as there are less pages for them to use when editing the database.

  4. This completes the process of adding a database to your website. You can now go and add more users to the database in the MySQL databases page. This page shows all your databases and what users are connected to the databases.
    Mysqlwizard step4.png

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