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The Parked domains feature allows you run a single website from multiple domains.

This is very useful if you buy the same domain with different extensions.

  eg & &

These could all be parked onto your existing domain giving you complete brand protection, but you only have to maintain a single website.

The domains are mapped onto to the account in a seamless fashion so if a user enters any of the following URLs they all end up in the same place and as this isn't web forwarding the URL entered doesn't change, therefore less potential of confusion for browsers.

If your domain was, and you then parked on top, & would open exactly the same page.

To use this feature you must be on a plan that allows you to park extra domains.

To check if you have enough parked domain slots on your account:

Cpanel parked-domains.png

  • The CPanel account in the picture shows 0 Parked used and 5 Parked domain slots avaliable.

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