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File:Phpmyadmin homescreen.png
A sample view of the phpMyAdmin home screen - click to enlarge
phpMyAdmin is a third-party tool to view and manage your MySQL databases. It offers simple to use interfaces to create/edit and manage tables and data within your databases.

Note: phpMyAdmin is not able to create databases due to a cPanel limitation. To create databases see the MySQL Databases or the MySQL Database Wizard article.


Accessing phpMyAdmin

There are several ways in which you can access the phpMyAdmin application on your MediaCloud service.

Via cPanel
To access phpMyAdmin via cPanel:
 Login to your cPanel account @
 Under the 'Databases' submenu you will see the 'phpMyAdmin' icon. Click on the icon to access phpMyAdmin
 You will see a cPanel page which states that it is redirecting you, wait a moment and the phpMyAdmin main screen should appear
Direct your browser to: for the unsecured version
 OR for the SSL secured version

Understanding the interface

Creating a table

Viewing table data

Editing a record

Advanced table operations

Direct SQL input

See also