Save an Excel file with all Fields in Quotes

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You may notice sometimes, during import, that not all your subscribers may be uploaded. Or, you may even notice that the import totally fails. Although there could be several reasons why this would happen, it is likely that the import failure is due to something in your file.

When you try to import your list to your ActiveCampaign account, there are certain special characters that are reserved (one of them is an apostrophe). When the platform encounters these characters, unusual things can happen; like import stopping unexpectedly or import failing.

In order to work around this, you would need to enclose in quotes the fields with the special character. For example, if you have a subscriber whose last name is O’Neil, you would need to edit that value like so, “O’Neil”. Once you do this, the import should finish properly.

This solution works well. However, it could be tedious to add quotes to your fields if you have tons of fields with special characters.

Fortunately, it’s possible to automate this in Excel. However, it requires some advanced steps. To learn more, you can go look at this support article at Microsoft.