Using Folders to Organize your Campaigns

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The system uses several filtering methods in order for you to view specific campaigns easily. By default, campaigns are filtered/organized by status first then by date. So, you will see your drafts first, then your scheduled campaigns, and then your sent campaigns. Per status, you will see the newer ones first then the oldest last.

In addition to this, you can filter campaigns by type or by list. On the right side of the campaigns page, there are links that you can click to filter your campaigns.

Below, you’ll see the links to filter campaigns by type (Drafts, Scheduled, Auto-responders, etc.).


Here, you’ll see how you can sort by list.


Creating folders

Another way of sorting your campaigns is by using folders. Folders allow you to create a customized way of organizing your campaigns. You may want to group a certain Auto-responder series together. Or, you may want to groups based on months. It’s all possible with folders.

To create a folder, go to the Campaigns page.

On the right side of the page, click the “Create Folder” link.


A modal/pop-up will appear asking you to name the folder. Type in the name for your folder and click the “Add Folder” button. (for our example, we will name the folder “Sales Auto-responder”)


Adding campaigns to folders

Once you’ve added the folder, it will immediately be added to the Filters list on the side. You can then grab a campaign and drag it on to the folder.


Another way of adding campaigns to a folder is by clicking the link on the top right of each campaign row. This link only appears when you hover over the campaign. When you click on the link, you will see all the available folders as check boxes. Below, you’ll only see one folder since this is the only one we currently have for the account.


Once you’ve created a folder and added campaigns to the folder, you can click the folder link to view just those campaigns you have added to the folder. If needed, you can more campaigns to the folder.