Using Personalization Tags in your Email Messages

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Email Marketing allows you to create campaigns and send them to your entire subscriber list. Normally, you would just send a generic message that looks the same for every single subscriber you send the campaign to.

However, your campaigns do not have to be just static messages. They can actually be more dynamic and more personalized. You can completely customize the message content for each subscriber. You can do this through personalization.

Cautions and Caveats

* Test messages: Not all personalization tags will work when sending a test message. To test all tags, send a campaign to a test list (with your email included) and then you can see the output.

* Cursor position: To make sure your personalization tag selection is positioned where you want it, first click into the message editor text area, and position the cursor exactly where you want the personalization tag to appear.

How to Use Personalization Tags

On the Message Editor (Design Stage of Campaign Creation), Click the “Personalize Message” link right below of the subject field, on the right.


This will open a modal/pop-up in the center of the screen.


Here you can choose what information you want to include in the message. Below is a List of all the Personalization Options you have available on each tab.

  • Subscribers - Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Full Name and all your Custom Fields
  • Message Options – Unsubscribe Link, Web Copy, Web Copy (No Social Links), Update Subscription Account Link, Send to Friend Link, Unsubscribe Link (All Lists), SurveyMonkey Survey
  • Social Media – Social Submit Links, Facebook Like Button, Share on Facebook Link, Share on Twitter Link etc.
  • Other – Today’s Date, Today’s Date +/- X day(s), Subscriber’s IP Address, Subscriber’s List, Subscriber ID
  • There are also other Personalization Tags available to you. They are listed, with examples, at the end of the article.

Example Use of a Personalization Tag

One of the best use of personalization tags is to customize/personalize your message for your subscribers. One great way of doing this is by addressing your subscribers by their first name.

To do this, place your cursor at the location where you want the tag to go (you can even put it on the subject line). Then, click the Personalize Message link and choose the First Name tag on the Subscribers tab.

Below you’ll see that we added the First Name tag in 2 locations: on the subject line and in the body of the message.


After sending the campaign, in place of this tag will appear the subscribers first name. You can include personalization tags anywhere in your message body which will be converted to their actual value when the campaign sends.

Below is an example message after the campaign was sent. You will see that on both locations, the Tags were replaced by the actual name values of the First Name field for that subscriber.


Personalization tag index

Here are all of the available personalization tags, and example values they would be converted to: