Custom subscriber fields for storing countries or states

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In our Email Marketing Software, you can create custom fields (called Subscriber Fields) that will hold extra subscriber data (next to internal fields, such as email, name, subscription date). There are different types of fields that you can add, and one thing that our clients always like to see is the option to ask their subscribers where are they from. For that reason, you would usually need a new custom field (usually the type of that field would be “Drop down”) that will hold all country/state names.

This is somewhat a tedious task to perform, so we have provided you with a shortcut to enter all country/state names at once. In order to do so, follow this procedure:

  • Go to Lists page, and click Fields button for the list you want to add this for
  • Create a new subscriber field with the type “Check box(es)”, “Radio button”, “Drop down” or “List Box” if you do not have one already.
  • Hover the “Delete” link for the field you want to hold these names. Read the field ID, usually marked as “&deletefield=123″ (“123″ would be the field ID there). Remember this ID.
  • Type the following code into your address bar while on that page (replace “123″ with your real field ID):
    • to setup countries: javascript:choice_set_bulk(123, countries);
    • to setup states in the US: javascript:choice_set_bulk(123, usstates);

Note: Be careful when copying this code and pasting it on to the browser. Browsers have a habit of removing the “javascript:” prefix from the text pasted into the address bar, so you might need to add this manually after pasting.

  • Once you enter this line into the address bar, hit ENTER key to execute it.
  • Old options in that field will be removed, and the field will be populated with country (or state) names. The change will be saved automatically.