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It is virtually impossible to ignore the importance of Social Media in Email Marketing (and, any Marketing effort for that matter). Facebook and Twitter have become an essential tool in Marketing because of its size and reach. Currently, there are over 800 million active users of Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, has more than 100 million active users. With these staggering numbers, it is important for you to take into account the necessity of using Social Media with your Email Marketing efforts.

How can you then utilize Social Media with Email Marketing? This article will give you tips and tricks on how to exactly do just that. So, read on.

Tips and Tricks to using Social Media with Email Marketing

Subscription Forms on Social Sites

Subscription Forms are the gateway to your Email Marketing success. They allow you to give your clients a place to give you their permission to send them Email Messages. With ActiveCampaign’s Email Marketing software you can easily create subscription forms. You can then use these forms to integrate with sites like Facebook. You could also Tweet your Form links to your followers.

Discounts and Offers

Creativity is important in your Marketing effort. One way of attracting subscribers is by offering them discounts and offers. You could use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other Social Networking sites to announce these offers. In exchange for these special discounts and offers, you can ask potential subscribers to sign up to your list.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Much like Discounts and Offers, you can run special contests and sweepstakes that could run for several days, weeks, or months. During this period, you could use Social Networks to promote your Sweepstakes/Contests. You would inform your followers that by signing up to your List, they will be automatically be entered in your contest or sweepstake.

Be Relevant, Be Consistent, and Be Unique

Social Networking is open for everyone. This means that there are tons of competition out there. Therefore, in order for your voice to be heard (and, ultimately, for you to entice subscribers to signing up to your list) you would need to be 3 things: Relevant, Unique and Consistent. This means that when you participate in Social Networking sites like Facebook or even Niche sites like LinkedIN (for professionals), you have to provide information that makes sense to your audience. It has to be relevant to their needs. It must original and not just Copy/Pasted from other sites/people. And, above all you, you must be consistent. You must be in people’s radar, in their line of site, in order for you to “stick” in their minds. When you are relevant, unique, and consistent, you get people’s attention, you gain their trust. In effect, they are more likely to sign up to your list.


Another way of acquiring new subscribers is by getting your current subscribers involved. You can provide them with incentives in signing up other people. By giving them an incentive, a referral bonus, for example, you are utilizing your current subscriber base to become a part of your Marketing arm. This is a highly effective method because, not only do you make your current subscribers happy by offering them incentives, you also gain quality subscribers because they referred to by people that are close to them.

Get Social on your Campaigns

Social Networking work does not stop when you’ve signed people up to your list. Once you’ve acquired your subscribers, you still have to use Social Media in the Email Campaigns you send to your subscribers. You can do this by adding Social Sharing tags on your Email Campaigns. (To learn how to add Social Sharing tags on your Campaigns, click here) When you write compelling and relevant content, your subscribers are more inclined to share what you give them. By adding Social Sharing tags (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) you give your subscribers the means to share your Email to their network. Lastly, ActiveCampaign, gives you the ability to monitor your Social Activity on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great tool to enable you be more responsive to your Social Network. You can find Facebook and Twitter share tracking on the reports page of your campaign.